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Welcome to NPTU


Student Assistant Division is a division under NPTU Office of Student Affairs, there is one director and six clerks. Our office is situated on the second floor at the east side of Wu Yu Building in the new campus. Another office in the Ping shang campus is located on the first floor of the west side of the gate in the Administration Building. We are in charge of freshman orientation, important celebration activities in school, affairs related to students who live outside, student lives consolation and management, community service course, affairs related to student leave of absence request, dormitory management, honor and discipline committee, and the promotion plan of character education from the Ministry of Education.


A. Student Orientation

     Student orientation is aimed to help students know more about our school, to enable them to quickly adjust to the new learning environment, in turn to discover their interests in joining the club, and to cultivate the spirit of group work and independence.


B. Important ceremonies

     These ceremonies include honors day, school anniversary, graduation ceremony and weekly meetings; we also help colleges and departments with their meetings, trying to make the contents interesting and the process smooth.


C. Affairs related to tenant students

     We passed the evaluation of tenant security, and we will pose the information of rented houses on the internet for the students who need it. In addition, we will visit tenant students once a year, and have some environmental security investigation according to the regulation issued by the Ministry of Education, to protect our students.


D. Life Consolation and Management

     In order to maintain the quietness in the campus and the security of the students, we focus greatly on the life consolation and the maintenance of students’ security. We try hard to cultivate in the students the noble characters including “the sense of honor, justice, shame, the responsibility, and being law-abiding.” What’s more, we hope that our students can acquire the habits of “tidiness, easiness, modesty, swiftness and correctness.”


E. Community Service Courses

     Service learning asks the students to learn the responsibility of a citizen and to become a good citizen during the process of helping others. Service learning is a required class in freshman year, so every class have to do some services according to the scheduled time and place in a whole year. We make service learning one of the courses in our school, so that our students can have some thinking, discussions and writing depending on what they see and what they do in the class, and expand what they learn in the classroom to the community, and help them cultivate empathy to concern about others.


F. Affairs related to leave of absence request

     Students can make leave of absence request on the school system online. If the teachers cannot investigate the requests in three days because of office duty, students are asked to hand in paper request for the teachers to stamp on, and then send it to the Student Assistant Division for investigation. Students should get online from time to time to check whether they finish the requesting process or not.


G. Dormitory Management

     Our dormitory provides students with over 3,700 beds. These places have quite and beautiful environment, comfortable and safe. Our dorms ask the students to manage themselves, and they can get in the dorm with their own cards; besides, we also have 24 hours security service. There are cafeterias and student canteen in both males and females dormitories, enable our students to have meals and buy what they need in the dorms. We also have cable televisions, community rooms, rooms for table tennis, studying, and discussions, and the vender machines, bath, drinking fountains as well. There are charged washing machines and tumble dryers on every floor of the dorms, and air conditioners on nearly every store, to make sure that our students can living and learning in a comfortable environment, that we can change our students into qualified people of all aspects with the warm and harmonious living environment.


H. Affairs related to honors and disciplines

     In order to bring our educational profession into full play and to encourage our students to become better, we investigate our students’ behaviors with a set of standards, and the dean of Office of Student Affairs will check the requests of students’ commendation, minor merit, admonition, and minor demerit. The rewarding or the punishment greater than major merit or demerit should be verified by the committee of student affairs, and be proclaimed by the president. Therefore, we would try to reach the following goals to counsel and teach our students:


(1) To encourage our students to have good behaviors, and cultivate them the ability of autocracy.

(2) To make our students well-developed mentally and physically, and cultivate them better men.

(3) To cultivate them good living habits, and make them behave according to social norms.

(4) To improve our education quality.

(5) To promote the development of nice culture in our school.


I. Ministry of Education Plan of Student Moral Characters Development

     Moral character developing courses are based on the cultivation of students’ well behaviors. This plan is centered on “love,” and we hope that through a series of activities, our students can learn more about themselves with step-by-step guidance. We combine the moral education with the school life, family education and community services, aiming that our students can learn to appreciate the richness and importance of moral values.